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Site: List of Modules

Returns a list of all modules for a given site. If type is given, only modules of that type will be returned

URI: site/containers?type={type}
Example: site/containers?type=page

  • type Type of modules to return [all|page]

Site: Single Module

Return a single module with all items within that module. Module calls are recursive, so any nested modules will be expanded and include those modules items also

URI: site/container/[id|key]/{id|keyid}?page={page}&per={per}&recursive={recursive}
Example: site/container/id/1?recursive=false

  • id Id of the module
  • keyid KeyId of the module
  • page Page of items (Default: 1)
  • per Number of items per page (Default: 100)
  • recursive Recursively expand all sub-modules

Site: Single Item

Return a single item within a module. All sub-modules will be recursively expanded.

URI: site/item/[id|key]/{id|keyid}?recursive={recursive}
Example: site/item/id/1?recursive=false

  • id Id of the module
  • keyid KeyId of the module
  • recursive Recursively expand all sub-modules

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