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PHP Client Package / Installation

To install the BitsyBox Client, simple place it in a folder that is accessible to all your PHP scripts. We suggest placing it in your PEAR directory. Here's a few places to look for your PEAR directory:

/usr/local/share/pear /usr/share/pear ~/php/pear

If you can't find your PEAR directory, contact your host, or just copy the client package into any folder accessible by your codebase.

About BitsyBox

BitsyBox is a hosted content storage platform that offers two products that work in perfect harmony. The first is an easy-to-use web interface that lets site owners edit and update their content. The second is a robust API for developers to quickly access that content from their website or application code.


We've fully documented BitsyBox to make it easy -- so easy in fact, we guarantee you can integrate a new or existing website in just a few minutes. More Support


Check out our library of streaming videos, professionally produced to help guide you through your integration with BitsyBox.
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