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    by Scott on 07/20/09

    We've added a number of new features tonight, including the ability to save your data as 'drafts' and publishing it later. This is an important feature because it allows you to actively work on content changes over a long period of time and save them in a queue. When you're ready to make the changes live, come back, click Publish and they're live.

    Another benefit of this feature is that you can now assign "Editor" level to users who have access to your site. They can create / save drafts, but can't publish the changes until a Publisher reads them. This feature came out of direct feedback with our customers.

    We've also launched an improved Schema Editor tool for Developers that makes it easier to setup data schema inside BitsyBox. We've also added a new field type, Option. This allows you to define a list of options, the default option, and display it to site editors as a dropdown list. This is really handy for presenting a constrained list of options.

    Things are looking great for our September 2009 launch. Please keep the feedback coming as we prepare to show BitsyBox to the world.

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