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  • New Feature: Revision Tracking

    by Scott on 07/08/09

    Today we're launching a powerful new feature that will help you track changes made to any part of your content. Revision tracking comes in the form of a small right-side module that shows you a brief history of the last few edits to a module or list item. This means you'll know who changed what, and when they changed it.

    Clicking 'view' will allow you to see exactly what was changed and if needed, copy text / image to restore. We hope you find this as useful as we have, especially when you mistakenly change something and need to rollback to a previous version.

    As an added benefit, we've also included collision detection as part of this update. That means, if another user changes data at the same time as you. It will prevent you from overwriting their changes without first confirming. Down the road, this will come in handy for sites with frequent multiple editors.

    We hope you're enjoying BitsyBox so far. Please use the new "Feedback" widget to make comments, ask a question, or pose an idea.

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