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  • Rebirth of the Dashboard

    by Scott on 10/08/09

    For several months now, many of you have been using our Dashboard tool to create and maintain content for your websites. We've been humbled by the overwelming positive response and while we've been relatively quiet these past few weeks, we're proud to announce that today we've launched our new Dashboard into production.

    The new system represents a complete re-working of our Dashboard codebase, which will enable us to develop features faster and easier from now on. We've added several new interface enhancements, which I'll outline in this post.

    The biggest change you'll notice right away is that as you navigate through your content, there's a new sliding window interface. The goal of the window pane interface was to make using the Dashboard easier and faster -- click a module, you're in it. Since we don't have to refresh the entire page, you get to your content faster. This also serves as visual feedback that you've navigated up or down your tree of content.

    The second, and perhaps most useful interface upgrade is that the modules on the right side of the Dashboard now slide as you scroll down. For any of you that have large pages of content, this is really helpful because you don't have to scroll to the top of the page to publish anymore.

    On top of those features, there are over 20 user interface changes, including a new inline interface for reordering list items, deleting list items, and adding them as well. The entire Dashboard is far more beautiful in Firefox 3.5, Safari 4.x, or Chrome because we're taking advantage of new CSS3 properties -- we of course recommend you use one of those browsers. But don't fret if you're using a Microsoft browser -- the whole thing works in IE7+.

    Our main goal with the new Dashboard was to make things simpler, not harder. We're on track to launch everything to the public very soon but we wanted to showoff the new Dashboard to our beta community first. As usual, we need your feedback. Please take a look at the new interface and let us know if you find any bugs or if you have positive / negative feedback.

    We're really excited about this and hope you are as well. Thanks for helping us make BitsyBox a success.

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