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  • New Screencast, Docs, PHP Client Update

    by Scott on 08/30/09

    Since we launched the beta program two weeks ago and opened up BitsyBox to a few hundred of you, we've gotten great feedback from an eager group of interested developers. Most of the questions so far have surrounded the integration process. In response to that, we've done a few important things.

    The first is that we've started a new 'How-To' screencast series. Our goal is to show you ways you can use BitsyBox to build common elements of your website. The first in this series is How-To Build a News Section. As you'll see in the video, you can do it in about 7 minutes. As a bonus, we've included an example at the end that shows you how you can use BitsyBox's powerful image resizing feature to create thumbnails from larger images, automatically, through our API.

    The second thing we've done is added better examples to our documentation section. Hopefully these will more clearly show you how to do common things like pull data, iterate through items, and print the content stored in a particular field.

    We've also just released a new version of the PHP client code that handles caching in a better way. Our engineers urge you to upgrade your sites as soon as possible. As usual, the client package is backwards compatible and should work out of the box with existing code you've integrated with BitsyBox.

    A few of you have contacted us about building client code for different languages. We're offering a year of free subscription to anyone who's willing to do this. We will also host the client code and give you credit (with a link) on our downloads page. Please email us at support@bitsybox.com if you're interested in participating.


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