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  • Rebirth of the Dashboard

    by Scott on 10/08/09

    For several months now, many of you have been using our Dashboard tool to create and maintain content for your websites. We've been humbled by the overwelming positive response and while we've been relatively quiet these past few weeks, we're proud to announce that today we've launched our new Dashboard into production.

    The new system represents a complete re-working of our Dashboard codebase, which will enable us to develop features faster and easier from now on. We've added several new interface enhancements, which I'll outline in this post. read more »

  • New Screencast, Docs, PHP Client Update

    by Scott on 08/30/09

    Since we launched the beta program two weeks ago and opened up BitsyBox to a few hundred of you, we've gotten great feedback from an eager group of interested developers. Most of the questions so far have surrounded the integration process. In response to that, we've done a few important things. read more »

  • Now Open For Beta

    by Scott on 08/03/09

    We're now allowing a few select people to beta test BitsyBox for free. If you're one of those people, welcome! Remember, if you need help, send us an email at info@bitsybox.com or visit our Support Section to read documentation, download client code, and more.

    Also wanted to let everyone know that we recently completed a full infrastructure migration to an excellent new host, Linode. This means faster servers, more reliability, and more hardware.

    Enjoy the speed!

  • Save Drafts, Publish Later

    by Scott on 07/20/09

    We've added a number of new features tonight, including the ability to save your data as 'drafts' and publishing it later. This is an important feature because it allows you to actively work on content changes over a long period of time and save them in a queue. When you're ready to make the changes live, come back, click Publish and they're live. read more »

  • New Feature: Revision Tracking

    by Scott on 07/08/09

    Today we're launching a powerful new feature that will help you track changes made to any part of your content. Revision tracking comes in the form of a small right-side module that shows you a brief history of the last few edits to a module or list item. This means you'll know who changed what, and when they changed it. read more »

About BitsyBox

BitsyBox is a hosted content storage platform that offers two products that work in perfect harmony. The first is an easy-to-use web interface that lets site owners edit and update their content. The second is a robust API for developers to quickly access that content from their website or application code.


We've fully documented BitsyBox to make it easy -- so easy in fact, we guarantee you can integrate a new or existing website in just a few minutes. More Support


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